Words to be used in writing: rose, scooter, excitedly, transparent, late

I grab my silver scooter and head down to the store. Once I arrive, I see a handsome boy my age working behind the counter. He smiles when he catches my eye. I grab some bread and walk over to the counter. “Hi, how are you?” I say. “I’m better now, thanks,” he laughs. His smile is sweet. “Here”, he says, as he bends over and hands me a rose. I excitedly take it and blush, aware that my feelings are transparent. “Thanks”, I say. Then I realise I am late and run out of the store. “Wait”, he yells….

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Tiana · 12 June 2019 at 8:31 pm

I really like whats happening in the story and plus I have a qustion What happens next ?

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