In the darkest minute of the night, a random stranger deliberately dropped a teddy into some toxic waste. Immediately, the teddy transformed into a massive, evil, mutant teddy, that went on a rampage to DESTROY THE CITY… He started to obliterate a school and he got halfway through destroying it when Captain Underpants arrived in an aeroplane. He jumped out of the plane and plummeted down from ten kilometres high, straight into the mutant teddy which made it angry and it turned around to fight him. The battle shook the Earth and the teddy popped back into a little teddy.

Categories: 100 Word Challenge

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Terry Team 100WC England · 28 February 2019 at 7:34 pm

Hi Archie, what a great little story and just packed with action. Evil baddy, Toxic Ted, a goody Capt. Underpants and a happy ending as well, the stuff of legends! I like this for all these things and for how well you have written it. It is not easy to cram all this into a 100WC but you have so well done.

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