Prompt…that’s when I knew I should run…

I was in Bee Swarm with my pet bees collecting pollen to make honey from the hives. I had twenty-four bees, so I only needed one more bee to go in the twenty-five column. I went to the fields and collected as much pollen as I could and then I made honey to buy a new bee. So I ran to the twenty-five column and I noticed a cave with a gigantic rat coming out of it and after me. It’s speed made a tornado which was coming after me too. So that’s when I knew I should run away…

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Jackie Cameron · 8 June 2020 at 10:31 am

This is a great story Michelle. I wonder if you have experience of beehives as you seem to know so much about the worker bees collecting pollen for the hive. I feear for their future though with that huge grey rat approaching!
Thanks for sharing,
Jackie (Team 100WC)
New Zealand

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