“Engine One down”, I say, “We’re going for a crash landing”. We brace as we collide with the ground. The ship screeches as bits of metal fly everywhere. I start to feel the weight of my body forcing me backwards and then, blackness. I wake up and the first thing I see is shrapnel in my foot. I feel the pain radiate through my body. I smell fuel. I think to myself that I must get out. I undo my crippled harness and crawl my way out of the wreckage. I see them. ‘Prsssshhhhttttt’.

That was the last transmission from C38.

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Jane · 2 May 2019 at 7:06 pm

Hey Rex, I really enjoyed your story. You built in excitement and used some rich vocabulary. I particularly liked your ending. I wonder if putting a couple of line breaks in there would make your writing even more appealing to your reader? Great job!

Helen (Team 100WC) · 7 May 2019 at 12:59 pm

Rex you have written a fast paced 100WC. From the title right through to the ending I was on the edge of my seat. Your adjectives really help build a picture. Now I want to know what happened to C38? And what did you see?

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