I was bushwalking with three of my friends and we were planning to do a five hour walk. We took no notice of the sign and instead of walking on the five hour track, we followed the one for the five day walk. It was taking longer than five hours and so we started walking back.

We realised we were lost and that we didn’t have enough food and water. It was dark and we were tired and scared. We saw lights and heard voices calling our names. It was the Police. They ran to us and called our parents to say we had been found.

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Mrs. Silver · 9 March 2020 at 10:21 am

Oh, Angus, your story brought back memories for me! This somewhat happened to me. My husband and I took a 4-hour hike in the mountains that ended up taking 9 hours! My father was at the ending location and had contacted the rangers. Once we got back I was so tired!
Your story is written in a believable way. Keep writing!
Mrs. Silver
Team 100
Illinois, USA

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