One day Bob and Jacob went for a walk with one of Bob’s friends, Nash, to deliver biscuits to some workers on the tallest building in their city.

They got to the building and went through the door. Bob pulled out his phone and messaged the boss and he replied, “We’re on the top floor which is the 33rd floor”. They found a lift and realised it was out of order. So they went up the stairs and it took them almost half an hour to get there.

They gave the biscuits to each worker and the boss said, “There is a worker up on the roof”. They went up the stairs to give the last biscuit to the final worker. He was looking around and noticed the three boys were there and he said, “Thank you so much”. Nash and Bob tripped over the worker’s foot and went falling off the building but, all of a sudden, they started floating. The worker said to Jacob, “I didn’t realise they could fly!”

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