Words to be included in writing: avocado, purple, elephant, seahorses, bones

As Elliot started spray painting the avocados, I was confused about how he planned to get the elephant to eat bright purple avocados. I shook my head and turned back towards the house. I grabbed the fish food and headed up to my room. “Skin and Bones,” I called out to my seahorses while walking to the tank. I started pouring out the food while one of my pet seahorses swam up to the glass. “Hi, Bonesy”, I whispered as I put the food down and rested my head on my desk. I smiled at Bones as I nodded off to sleep.

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Terry Team 100WC UK · 11 September 2019 at 1:22 am

Hey there Edward, what a great bit of work this is and so full of imagery. I loved the idea of spray painting the Avocados and then that lovely call to the pet Seahorses who respond to the voice. A story full of rich images. Well done.

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