“What are we gonna do today, Bob?” “I really have no clue. Every day has a different problem,” replied Bob. So, the boys went to find out what they had to do and were told it had something to do with a bee. They thought that it was going to be an easy job but when they got there… well, it was a different story. A big fat bee, bigger than a human, had died and their job was to investigate how.

A few weeks later they discovered that it was an experiment gone wrong and that it was all part of a coverup.

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Cath (Team100, Melbourne, Australia) · 14 November 2020 at 11:49 am

Hello Hayden, this is an interesting response to the photograph challenge. I think your short story has a huge potential to be extended much further. I hope you get the chance to extend it. I like how you used dialogue with the workers. You were able to make me, the reader, feel like I was listening in and going on the job with them. Your last sentence about a cover up engages me even further and that’s why I think you could continue your story and readers would be equally interested. You have used language accurately in your story. Great writing!

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