Prompt: …. I heard them before I saw them…

My name is Rick and I made a time machine because my dad and I wanted to see a real dragon. I went in the time machine and flew back to 205 million years ago. It took 5 milliseconds. I opened the door and I heard them before I saw them. There were two blue dinosaurs that breathed out fire and were as big as a house. They picked up the time machine and I jumped out of it before they tried to eat it and I ran for my life. I saw a baby dragon and kept it for my pet.

Categories: 100 Word Challenge


Leila · 6 August 2019 at 11:29 am

Great job the story was awesome just work on your punctuation.

Cath (Team100, Melbourne, Australia) · 15 August 2019 at 7:57 pm

Hello King, you have incorporated the challenge phrase really well. I like the way you had to use a time machine to visit a dragon. It was good how you put some “danger” into your story too but I was glad that you escaped from the machine before the dragon ate it. I thought your story used language well and was very clear to read.

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