One day, a little boy named Angus was woken up by the sound of jet skis, as loud as thunder, near his holiday home at the beach. He woke up startled because he thought he was at home. The light blinded him for a second or two because his mum had forgotten to close the blinds. She must have been too tired since it was New Year’s Eve. Their friends had come over to stay and watch the fireworks. The kids wanted to do an ‘all-nighter’ but they only lasted until 2am. At least they lasted longer than their parents!

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Jackie Cameron · 14 January 2019 at 1:58 pm

Hi Angus. Yes, you’ve certainly got to love New Year, especially when families get together. I guess the adults wouldn’t have been too impressed by being woken by the jet skis either, although perhaps they’d woken earlier than the kids and it was them out in the water already!
Have a great year,
Jackie (Team 100WC)
New Plymouth
New Zealand

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