On a warm summer’s morning, a farmer woke up bright and early; today was harvest day. He went straight outside and began to pluck turnips out of the ground. Before too long, he had filled up his basket and was going back to empty it, when the seemingly nice day began to change! Within seconds, a hurricane had formed, sweeping him up along with a hay bale and his bike. After the storm passed, his wife went outside to see if he was ok, discovering him lodged inside the hay bale and the vegies and bike scattered on the floor!

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Cath (Team100, Melbourne, Australia) · 20 September 2020 at 6:34 pm

What a great story! You have used language really well and provided lots of detail for the reader. The story is really engaging and I wanted to read more. I think the next part of the story would be great too…getting the farmer out of the hay. Well done.

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