A little boy thought his dreams were about to come true. He was about to click and pay for an order on his computer but it was sold out. “No!! The super Spiderman figurines are all gone”. He was devastated, his dreams shattered into a million pieces. His older brother waltzed by and saw his brother crying. To cheer him us, he said, “I have two tickets to see the Stingrays play. Want to come?”. Soon they were at the game screaming, “Let’s go, Stingrays”. The Stingrays won. “We seemed to be on the television”, his brother told his mum that night.

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Cath (Team 100, Melbourne, Australia) · 3 December 2018 at 8:44 pm

Hello Jazmine, what a nice brother to take his upset brother to see the Stingrays to cheer him up. Sometimes it can be very annoying when you want to purchase things on the Internet and you go to all the trouble of putting your details in and it times out or there isn’t anything left. I think you’ve used some “wow” words that make your story more engaging, such as “devastated” and “shattered”. Well done.

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