It was the end of the year and Rowan’s classmates were going to play soccer for inter-school sports day. The class was about to start, but they were exhausted, to the point where they were going to fall asleep. Rowan was the saviour because he grabbed some of his energy drinks that were in his locker from the last time he did school sports. The students were saved by Rowan and thanks to him, all players could now play soccer. After the soccer match, everyone was very energised so they decided to have a party for Rowan. Rowan was thrilled.

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Terry Team 100WC England · 11 December 2018 at 11:20 pm

Hi Rowan, thank you for this lovely 100WC story. It is good to read that Rowan was appreciated for his generosity in giving away his drinks to help the team. This is a nicely written piece with excellent punctuation and a good structure. I am a little concerned, though, about the use of all that sugar in the energy drinks, watch out for your teeth! Again a lovely bit of work, well done.

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