Prompt words: sang, pink, giraffe, dusty, painful

Sang, the pink giraffe, was quite unusual. It was not just because he was pink, but also because he was very kind. He had helped the elephants earlier that day against an attack from the lions.

Sang was walking across the dusty African floor and he got a splinter in his foot. It was very painful. Then the elephants came out of the lake and their leader, Jerry, said, “Thank you for saving us from the lions. Hold still and I will take this splinter out”. He ripped it out with his trunk. Sang thanked him and wandered back to his herd.

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CHRIS MEEHAN · 23 February 2020 at 7:34 pm

Kia ora from New Zealand Angus.
What a lovely and unusual piece of writing = gentle, but telling a story effectively. You have used a good range of interesting vocabulary, and I think that your choice of name for the giraffe, is very clever indeed!
When you get a chance, come down to my class blog at\
Ms M #100WC

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