Did you know that Santa is the best artist in the world? This is how I know:
It was my end of year excursion and we went to the art gallery with my school friends. After thirty minutes, I spotted a small, hidden passageway, so I decided to go down. At the end of the passageway a sign said, ‘Santa’s Artwork’. I turned the corner and saw the brightest, most colourful painting ever! It had a blue background with an eye overlooking a bright red present that was shining at the top, and now I’m really excited for Christmas day.

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Miss T · 17 December 2018 at 12:14 am

Hi Caelie
I am always a little wary when a character ventures down a secret tunnel in a story, it rarely has a happy ending! What a treat to find Santa’s art gallery at the end of the tunnel, it must have put you in a real festive mood.
Have a lovely Christmas
Miss T Team 100wc

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