Hi, my name is Jack and I am going to tell you about my dad. He loves stargazing and so do I. We most often do it in the backyard. He is an expert at it and he knows what every planet is called and which cluster it belongs to. He has a massive telescope but he never, ever lets me touch it so I use my App on my iPhone X that lets me know which ones are stars and which are planets. I can’t see all of them because of the light pollution on Earth. It is awesome!

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CHRIS · 4 August 2019 at 7:53 am

What a shame Brookes, that light pollution doesn’t always allow us to see the night sky in the way that we perhaps could have many years ago. Perhaps you might go on to write a speech or a debate about possible solutions to this problem.
Would love you to come along and see our class blog at some time…

Ana · 30 August 2019 at 3:34 am

Hi Brookes

I loved your story. You write in a very clear an easy to understand manner which is great, well done on your use of sentence structure and punctuation.

It is also a really nice use of the prompt. Stargazing is a very interesting thing, and its sweet to think about stargazing with a parent. Its also interesting how you brought in modern technology too- I used to have an app that helped me identify constellations! It is sad to think of some stars we can’t see because of light pollution, and this is why some places are working on creating areas with very little light pollution so that we can see the stars more clearly. This is a great idea, because even where I grew up in a very small village at night you could still see the orange glow of light pollution from the streetlights of the nearest town.

Thanks for a lovely story. If there was one thing you might change next time, maybe try a different introduction. Starting a story is the hardest part, so trying a few different ways to do it might be fun.

Keep on writing!

Ana, Oxford, UK, Team100

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