One day at the fair, a group of friends wanted to go on the rollercoaster but there was one kid that was scared and didn’t want to go on it. His friend said it wasn’t that bad but he still didn’t want to get on because he could come off it or it could break! All his friends tried to reassure him and said that it was fine and it is very rare for that to happen. He agreed that there was nothing to be scared about, so he did it and when they got off he said that it wasn’t that bad after all.

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Janet Team 100WC · 9 August 2021 at 3:08 am

What a lovely little story, James. I really like the way the friends reassure the kid who was scared. They answer his concerns very logically. Your story flows really well, right to the end when the kid who was scared said it wasn’t that bad after all. Hurrah – a happy ending!

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