There was a crazy person called Jim. He snuck onto a boat. Several days later he was found and the people on the boat made him a fisherman.

He went fishing one day near a river but he didn’t know in the river there were sea monsters. Splash! Water flew everywhere!

There was a huge monster. It had a body of a snake and feet like a crocodile. It had fangs like a snake and it had a hole in its head and it shot water out of the hole like a whale. Jim threw a book at it and said, “You are not in my fish book”.

Jim jumped on the monster and opened its mouth and put his head in it. He hopped on its head and started poking it. “You have scales”, he said and he climbed around its body and stuck his head in its bottom. The monster roared and Jim said, “Don’t worry, I will sign you up for singing lessons”.

Heads started to pop up from the water. Some were covered with seaweed and some were covered with fish blood. “Yay!” said Jim, “I get to meet your family. I am going to call you Bob. and you to the right are called Jeff, and to left are called Fishy.” “What is for lunch?” said Jim. The monster grinned and opened his mouth and said “You are!”…

The sea monsters swam near the boat that Jim snuck onto. All the people looked at the sea monsters and out of the hole in their head came Jim . “Who is crazy now?” said Jim. “Try some of this shampoo” and Jim put his hand in the sea monster’s ear and pulled some earwax and started rubbing it on his tongue. All the people said “You may have tamed a sea monster but you are still crazy”.

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