Prompt: …that’s when I knew I should run…

I was on holiday on an island in the Tropic 0cean. The view was amazing but one day I was sightseeing on a mountain when a humungous volcano erupted with no warning. Lava spewed from the top of the volcano and fires started everywhere from the magma as it flowed to the bottom. That’s when I knew I should run so I scurried to higher ground while helping others to the same area I was going to. When we got there, we searched for food to eat while we waited for emergency services. Ten minutes later we saw a chopper.

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Jackie Cameron · 8 June 2020 at 10:35 am

Hi Toby,
This is a really good idea for the use of the prompt this week. You are not only entertaining, but also informing your reader with your knowledge of a volcano erupting. I appreciate that you are not thinking only of your own survival, but are helping others too.
Thanks for sharing,
Jackie Cameron
New Zealand

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