Words to be used in writing: salt, brown, melted, giraffe, greasy

During the holidays, we visited the zoo. While we were there, a man set up a sausage sizzle next to the giraffe enclosure. He had cooked a pile of greasy brown onions and sausages. He also added some melted butter and salt.

Out of nowhere, a tall giraffe leant down and snatched a sausage straight out of a man’s hand. The angry man asked for another sausage, to which the cook replied, ‘That was the last one. All that is left is this pile of greasy brown onions’. I felt sorry for him and decided to give him my sausage.

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Cliona Brennock · 12 May 2019 at 5:41 am

Well done on your story this week Jamison. You have done a great job with the prompt words. That giraffe was very cheeky to take the last sausage! It must have been the smell that tempted him to steal it!
Keep up the great work.
Ms Brennock Team 100 w/c

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