Dear Human Beings,
Wherever you step, underneath live thousand of giants, doing the exact thing you’re doing; going to the shops, going home, running and skipping. The only thing that we can’t do is eat anymore because there is no more food. You’re the lucky ones. You don’t need to eat as much as we do because you’re not as big as us. You know, once my friend Tim even tried to eat our friend, Kim, because he was so hungry. So that is why I’m coming to your tiny world to eat YOU AND TO TAKE OVER YOUR TINY PLANET!!!!!!! (10th September, 2018, 100WC)

Continued from the Giant Letter above …

Dear Giants,
We have received your message and your dominos. By the way, everyone has graffitied them, so don’t think we like these present of yours. We have now decided to go to the underground place where you said you live, just to say to you and the other giants that we will come to destroy all of you and your other threatening letter doesn’t bother us anymore because there will be no more giants, ever.
From Humans

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