Prompt words: fluffy, red, concrete, scooter, danced

They were making a stage for the scooter dance competition out of concrete, but it was hurting the dancers’ feet because it was hard, so they decided to put a fluffy red mat over it so it wouldn’t be as painful.

It worked for a bit, that is, until they had to practice with the scooter. However, the problem with the scooter was that the wheels kept getting caught in the fluff. They decided to take the mat off and just put shoes on when they danced and it worked out great. Guess what? It turns out that they actually won.

Categories: 100 Word Challenge

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Janet Team 100WC · 28 October 2020 at 3:10 am

I love the way you have used all the prompt words in your story, Hayden! I think scooter dances must be lots of fun. You have carefully considered all the practicalities too. I can just see the fluffy mat getting caught in the wheels of the scooter. I am glad you found a good resolution for the problem and the team won.

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