Prompt …they never should have said yes…

On a scorching summer’s day, five friends sat under a tree in the gorgeous shade. Mike, Dave, Jess, Lee and Michelle were all exhausted from their busy school week and lazily skimmed rocks into the brown mucky lake.

A young girl walked by, sobbing, and that was where the trouble began. The friends asked what was wrong and discovered that she had to cancel her party because of the weather. She asked if they would help. They didn’t know what to do but agreed anyway. The girl’s eyes lit up with excitement and the others groaned because they never should have said yes.

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James · 2 October 2020 at 11:15 pm

That is a very interesting plot twist and cliff-hanger… although I hope they didn’t groan too loud or she might start crying again. Clearly there is more going on in this story and with the birthday girl than we know yet and letting us imagine various possibilities is a clever plot device. The only thing I had trouble visualizing was skimming stones while sitting, as I always stand when I skip stones… but maybe it was just too hot to stand.

Cath (Team100, Melbourne, Australia) · 4 October 2020 at 10:27 am

Hello Lachie, I really enjoyed your story. I like how the group responded to someone in distress. Sometimes it is best to help someone else, even if it isn’t necessarily fun for the person who decides to help. I think you have really written your story well. It is paced well and language choices are excellent. Well done.

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