Prompt …but he felt really ill…

Harry wanted to enter a running race but he felt really ill. When he asked his parents’ permission to enter the race, they simply said, “No,“ because they had no doctors or anyone close to them.

Harry knew he had to attend the race because he needed to win the prize money. None of Harry’s family had a job and the only way they could get money was by selling farm food. Harry wondered what would happen if he exercised so he went for a run and luckily he felt better and attempted the race.

Harry won $1000 to bring home!

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Aaron · 26 November 2020 at 9:09 pm

Hi Cath
Thanks very much I really appreciate it I was quite late writing this story so I just wrote what came to the top of my head
Your sincerely

Janet Team 100WC · 30 November 2020 at 6:44 am

This is a nice, simple, but enjoyable story, Tyler. I always like a happy ending and you give your reader that. Harry feels better and he wins the race! You explain the situation of his family very clearly and that explains why he wants to win the race.

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