Tiger’s Evil Plot to Get Rid of Books!
By Harper

Words used from the THRASS chart

zebra tiger swan bull teacher book circus

school city


At the circus school, Mr Bull is the teacher, and he always makes us read books. Swan and Zebra love reading books, but Tiger never likes reading books. He is already really smart, so he says, “Who needs books? I’m so smart that I can make inventions to make stuff like that go away.”

So, he went to his cage and started making an invention to make the words in books go away. He secretly likes books, but he doesn’t want anyone else to read so that he can be the smartest in the world.

In a couple of weeks, Tiger made the Word Eraser, but there are secretly heroes in the city. Swan and Zebra were secretly heroes so they could fight crime. As soon as the words went away they knew that Tiger was up to naughtiness!

Eventually, they found out where Tiger was and they stopped him in an epic battle and the words were restored and everyone lived happily ever after…. Except for Tiger. He lived miserably ever after.

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