Prompt: gold, viola, searched, lost, ancient

There were two kids and they wanted to find some gold. One of their parents told them there was gold in the forest, so they searched there.

They found gold and they also found a viola and an ancient picture of a person and two horses. The horses were pushing a carriage with the person inside it.

One day, they hung up the picture in their room and somebody stole it and they screamed, “We lost the picture”. They called the police and said, “Somebody stole our ancient picture.” The police tracked him down by the security cameras and they got their picture back.

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Mia Dredge · 14 June 2020 at 6:22 pm

Dear Jamie,

I loved how you used the future in your writing and didn’t just focus at one time! When you said “they screamed ” I liked how you used expression.

from Mia

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