I was walking along the streets when suddenly my tummy rumbled and I felt like something was about to come out of my backside. I rushed to the bushes. Afterwards, I felt absolutely amazing but now I needed something to eat from Petbarn.

While I was walking there, a dog jumped out of the bush and asked me, “Which way to the shop?” It panted heavily while it said that, so I told it which way to go to get to Petbarn. I then offered for it to come with me. We walked along together as we discussed our favourite foods and we became best friends.

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ahsa · 17 June 2021 at 5:10 am

Greetings Dear Michelle,
I like how you started the story. It is such a relief after a washrrom visit! Its nice of the narrator to accompany the dog to the vet shop, sharing thoughts on foods they prefer. Keep up the good work, Michelle.

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