Words to be used in writing: salt, melted, brown, giraffe, greasy

Meet Rex, he’s a Ninja. He has a brown belt on his green suit, because of his animal-like instincts. He also has a pet giraffe, called AJ, but back to the Ninja.

One day, Rex had a nice cool drink but the ice had melted a bit. He added some salt but salt makes holes in ice and so that just made it worse. He was making another drink when a greasy monster came crashing through his wall and brinks went flying everywhere. Out of nowhere, AJ whacked the monster away with his powerful neck. “Wow, good job”, said Rex.

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Heidi (Team 100WC, New Zealand) · 13 May 2019 at 10:48 am

Kia ora Henry. Well done, I really enjoyed your 100 Word Challenge. Great opening sentence – it sets the scene beautifully, and your word choices add detail that make your work interesting to read. I can also see that you’ve paid attention to punctuation, which helps your writing to flow clearly. Loved it Henry, keep on writing!

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