The figure trod carefully over the layers of broken wood and broken memories. What was once a beautiful forest was now a deserted, lonely wasteland of shattered trees.

He gathered his belongings, flexed his majestic, jet-black wings and prepared himself for the mission ahead. Knowing exactly what he needed to do, he thrust himself up, beat his powerful wings several times and found himself soaring through the smoke-filled sky. This was to be no ordinary task, but then again he was no ordinary man.

He went out flying straight towards the village. The man saw all the dead birds on the ground and the burnt wood.

On the way there he thought about his dead family all burnt to a crisp because of the fire. Even through all that had happened the man had received no help and had to do this alone.

He glanced ahead and saw the village through the smoky haze. The man was going to the village because the villagers were the ones that had burnt down the forest. They were scared of the human bird creatures. They were also scared because the man birds all looked bigger and stronger.

The villagers thought that all the human bird creatures were dead. They didn’t realise that the one human bird was still alive and coming to seek his revenge. The villagers all looked up and saw the man bird coming to destroy them. They all felt terrified…

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