If you had one piece of advice to give to yourself, looking back now. What would it be?
Well, I got to give myself some advice from the future.
I thought it would help if I did what I did.

Let’s start from the beginning; I was walking to my house when I came to a lane I hadn’t seen before. It was forest-like. I walked through, hoping to find a new way home. That was until I came to a girl dressed exactly like me. She looked exactly like me but smaller. My eyes fluttered. After a minute or so her eyes fluttered too.

I ran back through the forest. It looked endless. The girl turned as if something was happening. I whispered in her ear. She nodded her head and walked 10 times faster.
“I am giving you some advice. Don’t be so hard on yourself.” I whispered again. She looked back.
“Who are you?” the girl said.
“I am you. Just in the future.”
She stopped.
“One thing before I go,” I muttered. “Here is your old toy from when you were younger, pass it on and remember no time for shoes. I drifted off.
“What does that mean, no time for shoes?” I didn’t answer as I floated away to the other side of the forest to my house. As I cuddled the toy, I knew she was too.

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