The breeze was cold as we flew over the water on the marine tour boat. We had just left port and were speeding out to sea. I was excited but a little nervous.

After about 15 minutes of traveling, we had finally arrived at our destination .The diving instructor came up to the deck and he began to talk through a microphone, telling us how to use the equipment. Soon after, we were in the water swimming.

The water was cold but I got used to it after a while. After about ten minutes of swimming around we noticed a giant whale shark. I was terrified! The shark could swim so quickly with what appeared to be very little effort. Despite my fear, I decided to swim next to it so Mum could get a couple of photos.

Time flew when we were in the water and soon we were back in the boat. Mum showed me the photos and I couldn’t believe how small I looked in comparison to the mammoth shark. The trip home was freezing cold but didn’t take long.

When we arrived in the port, Mum and Dad grabbed all our belongings and we walked back to the car. What an amazing experience!

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