“Woo hoo! This is awesome!” yelled the fuglets, grasping their mother’s long, soft, brown hair tightly in their little paws. The gigantic fuggle was riding her bike to a park so her fuglets could have lots of fun. They played some awesome hide and seek while their mum made them some fruit and snacks for lunch. While they were eating, their mother fell asleep.
After a while, the fuglets started to get restless. “I am getting bored,” groaned Isla, the oldest fuglet and she wasn’t the only one.
“Maybe we should go around town and explore?” questioned Bently.
“That is the best idea ever because then we can see more of the world,” said James.
They all wandered off quietly to explore the town, careful to not wake their mum up.
They saw lots of buildings and people as they walked, but they were careful to keep hidden. As they explored, they discovered a sandy and watery area, unlike anything they had ever seen before. They could hear salty water crashing onto the ground and could feel soft, squishy sand under their paws. “What’s that?” questioned Alex.
“I don’t know,” replied Sarah. “But it feels great.” They found shells and seaweed on the sand. They walked into the sea. One big wave covered them and they screamed, “That was fun!”
Meanwhile, back at the park, their mum woke up and noticed the fuglets were gone.
“ My Fuglets, where are you?” yelled their mother, but there was no reply. She was worried, anxious and scared. She was running and screaming, “Where are you, my fuglets?” but there was still no response. She looked everywhere except for the beach.
When Mother arrived, she saw all of her babies in the sea. She screamed, “Come back, it’s too dangerous,” but then she noticed that they were fine.
She asked them, “Are you Okay?” but they said, “We are and we have had a wonderful time.”
“Don’t you dare run off without my permission ever again.” warned their mum.
“Sorry,” said all of the Fuglets.
They all went home and had some delicious roots for dinner.

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