Bring! Bring! Bring! Bring! I picked up my phone and began to listen

Two UFOs had just crashed into the earth, right in the middle of New York City. I kitted up with all of my alien fighting gear and set off to the crash site. I drove a quickly as I could, and arrived in no time. When I arrived, the FBI had got everything under control. I walked in, ducked under the security tape, and headed straight over to my partner, Bill.

“What have we got this time, Bill?” I exclaimed.

“It seems as though two UFOs have crashed, right here! It’s lucky that they didn’t take out one of the buildings if you ask me!” he said.

I decided to investigate deeper. So I navigated my way around the rubble towards the UFO. The UFO seemed to be undamaged by the fall, it didn’t even have as much as a scratch. I decided to knock on the UFO as if it was an entrance and then, out of nowhere,a door began to lower!

“Hey Bill come over here, you won’t believe what’s happening!” I shouted.

“Coming,” he replied.

By the time Bill had arrived, the door had just finished opening and we both peered in. Inside the UFO was pitch black, we couldn’t see anything, when abruptly a purple spikey tentacle came shooting out grabbing Bill’s arm and pulling him in! I radioed over to the FBI people telling them what happened. Within minutes they had set up a cable and a harness so I could be pulled out at any time, and with that I went in.

It was cold and earie inside the UFO. The passageways were thin, with only enough room for one person crouched over, but still I continued deeper in to save my good mate Bill. After about 2 minutes of walking I came to the main room I could see all the controls for the ship. I was terrified but still I had to save my mate, Bill, so I held my breath and dove in.

“I come in peace,” I said to what felt like nobody but then I heard a slimy slither followed by the flick of a switch, the lights turned on revealing an octopus-like creature but with many more legs.

“Hi,” it said “I’m Bob, the alien.”

“Hi Bob, I’m Joe,” I said. “Is there anything wrong mate?”

“Yeah, there is. I ran out of fuel when I was flying over. Could you help me out?” Bob said.

“I sure can,” I replied, “What fuel does it take?”

“Unleaded.” Bob explained.

“Oh nice, I’ll get some for you right away,” I said, “One question though?”


“Where is Bill?” I inquired.

“I ate him!” Bob laughed happily!

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