Hi, my name is Barky and I am a dog. I am very smart and I even know what 100 x 100 is. I am white and black, like Barky – The Barking Dog Show.

These are my friends, Ben, Piggy and Sparkles.

This is Ben. Ben is a very nice bee but sometimes he can get vicious and he flies around the treehouse and tries to sting someone, but mostly they are friends.

This is Piggy. Piggy is very cute. He is black and not very hairy.

This is Sparkles. Sparkles is a rainbow butterfly and she is quite strong and powerful for a butterfly.

We live in a tree. Well, when I say tree, I mean treehouse. And when I say treehouse, I don’t just mean any old treehouse, I mean the 123 Storey Treehouse.

One day, I was in the farm, feeding the chickens, when one of them became too vicious and pecked me on the tail. I said, ‘Ouch’, because it felt really painful and I told Ben. Then Ben told Piggy and Piggy told Sparkles and they all came to the farm and put the chickens in the coop.

After that, we had a giant mud-wrestle and then it was me versus Sparkles. We wrestled, and wrestled, and wrestled, and wrestled, until Sparkles got wiped out and got tossed into the crocodile pit. I said, “How long should we leave her in there for?” and Ben said, “We shouldn’t really do that because she’s our friend”. We got a rope and pulled Sparkles out and she decided that we can have another mud-wrestle. Ben shouted, “Whoever wins, we agree with”. Then a giant ball shot in the air and landed right in the middle of the mud-pit. Pirates came tumbling in and the captain shouted, “Destroy the treehouse!”.

The animals all fought the pirates and the first attacker was Ben, who stung the pirates with his super-sharp stinger. Second attacker was Piggy, who bit the pirates on their bottoms with his super-sharp teeth. Next attacker was Sparkles and she used her super-wings to push the pirates away. Last attack was me and I used my super-bark that made them all deaf. We tossed them into the chicken coop and the crocodiles were still hungry so we put them in and they ate all of the pirates, so the treehouse was safe.

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