Prompt words selected randomly by Ella from the THRASS chart: toy, door, teacher, pony, beach

The door creaked, the toy wobbled and the teacher slipped over.

“Hey, we haven’t introduced ourselves. Hi, I’m Brad and this is my annoying little brother, Bob”.

“Hey, Brad, that isn’t how you start a story”. “Be quiet, Bob, we’re starting the story”.

The teacher screamed. She landed on her son’s beach model and landed on the worst place. She landed on the palm tree. She got patched up and got her phone and looked on Instagram and saw a picture of herself on her son’s beach model, screaming.

She was so angry that she threw her phone into the wall and her son said, “Whoa! I better post this on Instagram again”.

She ran downstairs and made her favourite sandwich and she went to see Pickle, the pony. Pickle saw a pickle in the sandwich and ate the sandwich.

She invited her son’s best friend over and they were having a paintball fight and she got hit on the head. “Poor teacher”, said Bob. “Well, it is the end of the story, so it doesn’t matter”, said Brad.

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