My Approach

The one-on-one tutoring environment provides time to question, reinforce, discuss and extend knowledge at a deeper level than is possible in the whole class context. I have demonstrated experience of being able to quickly develop a relationship with my students in order to motivate them and to build a supportive, encouraging and enjoyable learning environment.

I regularly use games to reinforce the explicit learning taught during the first half of the session. Where a child has easily grasped a concept, I can respond promptly to build upon that learning and to move him or her forward.

Clear communication with parents is essential. Parents are offered the opportunity to attend tutoring sessions, so that oral and written language skills can be developed and reinforced at home.

Our Services

Personalised one-on-one tutoring for students from pre-school to year 8, with or without parent in attendance​.

School readiness.

Guidance for parents.

ESL support.

Holiday tutoring – individual or small-group available.

In-school clinics (individual or small group).

Skype / FaceTime.