It’s been months now, since the alien invasion started. Oh, by the way, I’m Henry. I’m 19 years old. It was an alien invasion, if you’re wondering, and my hope was lost when my Mum and Dad got taken away in the morning and my grandparents at night.

The aliens give me the creeps. Their green slimy tentacles, thin as pencils. If they capture you, they make you their slave. How do I know? I see them digging up crystals from the alien spaceship for their energy.

One day, I recognised some of the words they were using. They were speaking French! I’d learned it at school.
I spoke to them and asked why they hated humans. They said they were scared because humans chased after them with weapons.

We became alien friends and they said they’d let my family go, but when I looked behind me, I wondered, why do I have three of my Mum and Dad? They’re cloning us…..

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