Oliver crept down the steps, cautious not to make a sound, for if he was caught there would be hell to pay. He gripped the balustrade tightly, his hand white. As his feet touched the carpet floor of the living room, Oliver lifted his gaze to the Christmas tree that glittered in the moonlight. There, below its branches, three boxes lay, one red, one green and one yellow.
The clock ticked, ever on, to one in the morning. Oliver slowly tiptoed towards the red box. He lifted the label to see his name, then raised the lid of the box.

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Margaret Frye · 20 December 2018 at 11:28 pm

A perfect Christmas tale. Santa had come but what time could Oliver come down without hell to pay? Ah… but a child’s innocence and curiosity lead him on. Interesting use of balustrade! I felt breathless wondering what was in the box…

Happy Holidays!!

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