Prompt …. but it was heavier than I expected….

I was at home when my dad asked me to do some exercises. He didn’t care what type, but I had to do something. There was only one activity I wanted to do which was go to the gym. I asked my dad if he could take me there.

A week later, Dad took me to the gym for the first time and the coaches gave me a tour. They started showing me how to use the equipment. Then they wanted me to try and lift up a weight, but it was heavier than I expected, and I fell over.

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Daniel (100 WC) · 22 February 2021 at 3:17 am

Very nicely done, Michelle!

Something very similar happened to me when I was a boy. My older brother challenged me to lift some weights over my head. I managed to do it, but put the weights too far back and went right over onto my back. There was a loud BOOM! and my dad came running!

Keep writing!

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