As I pulled another small rotted potato from the dry soil, it reminded me of a time when famine wasn’t a thing, where everyone had food on their table. I pulled myself up and tossed the potato aside and moved onto the next, and the next, all to find the same thing. Darach called me over in his lilting Irish accent to see if I had found anything. I responded with, “No”. He sighed, thanked me for my work and then told me to go home. This time two years ago I got 2 pounds and 4 shillings for every harvesting day.

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Ciara · 17 October 2018 at 2:50 am

Hi Jack,
Well done on your piece which was very emotive. As I am Irish, I found the piece particularly poignant and would love to know why you chose the Famine as your theme. You described perfectly the sadness and despair of continuously picking, in the hope that there would be something to eat, and yet constantly being disappointed. Excellent work, keep it up!

Ciara (Team 100)
Wicklow, Ireland

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