One day I decided to go for a scoot, but when I say decided, I mean shoved out the door by my mum. I scooted along the pathway. I came to the corner where there was some wet concrete. I’ve always wanted to put my name on the ground but there was never the chance. I put my finger in the concrete, which felt fluffy. I kept on riding and how stupid I was, I rode into the wet concrete. My scooter wheels got stuck. A boy came over and laughed. I went red and danced a little. He stepped towards me, straight into the wet concrete!

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Mrs Boyce · 25 October 2020 at 8:01 pm

Hi Erika,
I enjoyed reading your story. Well done.
Karma is great! I think that boy got what he deserved!
Good work this week.
Keep writing.

Mrs Boyce (Team 100WC)

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