Boom! Crash! Kapow! Off went a cache of grenades on the battlefield making a massive meteor-like hole. The military couldn’t believe what was in front of them. They all took cover as the enemy army had their turn at throwing their own supply of grenades. Luckily, the military were safe and were able to respond by throwing some dynamite back. Ch… ch… boom. The enemy team took cover except for one, the one with a ROCKET LAUNCHER. That one person on the enemy side shot an explosive rocket at the dynamite. They collided with a humongous bang that took out both armies.

Categories: 100 Word Challenge

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Ross Mannell Team 100WC · 15 August 2021 at 8:13 pm

Hello, Tyler. What a wonderful description of a possible battlefield encounter. You were able to develop your storyline with a climatic ending suggesting, in a battle, n sometimes no one wins. Well Done.

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