Prompt… if only it was a bit smaller…

“Hey Ted! Do you want to play golf on the weekend?” asked Dave. “Ok. What time and where?” he replied. “Uh, let me see. Oh yeah, tomorrow at 12:00 at Maple Golf Course,” said Dave, as they waved goodbye to each other.

The next day at noon they started playing golf. They had a blast until they realised Dave’s ball was too big and kept rolling over the holes. They wondered what would have happened if only it was a bit smaller. Would Dave have taken less shots? Would Ted still have won the game?

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Cliona Brennock · 18 November 2020 at 9:05 am

Hi Hayden,
I really enjoyed your story this week. You have been very creative with the prompt! I could visualise the ball being just a little bit too big to fit in the hole!
Great writing.
Ms Brennock
Team 100 w/c

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