Prompt: but it was heavier than he expected…

One grand morning, just after sunrise, a farm boy was wandering through the grassy space between the family farm and the forest. He started to climb the hill above the forest. At the top he found a turquoise egg which he guessed was about 30cm tall and 21cm wide. For some weird reason, he felt he needed to take the egg to look after, to help it hatch and grow, even though he had no idea what the thing in it was. So he followed that feeling and took the egg, but it was heavier than he expected. Still he managed.

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Isabel (Team 100W/C) · 21 February 2021 at 8:12 am

Henry, your use of punctuation is perfect! Good job! Also, your descriptions are really detailed, so it really helps the reader picture the scene. I wonder what strange creature hatched from that egg! Keep up the good work! – Isabel (Team 100 W/C)

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