It was just my three cubs and I against the journey that faced us. We trudged along the thick white snow for hours. I remember when I was a cub and I had to make the long harsh journey. Now it was their turn to follow in our ancestors’ footsteps and make the adventure across the ice.

My cubs dragged their feet behind me and I could feel the wind starting to pick up. My heart started racing because I knew when I made the journey that my brother almost didn’t make it. I know I have a responsibility to fulfil and I don’t want a mistake that I make to cost my cubs their lives.

I shield them from the hurricane-like winds, as I see they’ve started to struggle. When I think things couldn’t get any worse, I sense a smell that I know means danger. Alien-like figures come towards us. My heart starts pounding a million miles per hour, but I don’t know what to do. My options are limited, but my main priority is to keep the cubs safe.

The figures come closer and in my heart I know what must be done. I tell my cubs that I love them with all my heart and that Mum has a job to do. With a sad heavy heart I gaze upon them as they run and hide. I know that I must let the figures take me and that I have done right by my cubs.

I close my eyes and wait. I can hear footsteps coming towards me but when I open my eyes my heart is overwhelmed with joy. There are my cubs right in front of me and not a dark figure in sight.

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