Once you step into tunnel, you’re in the endless road to nothing. The door shuts and there is no way out. Trust me, I know what it’s like. Every week, there is a train. You only get one chance. The train will be packed with food, blankets and other necessities that you need to live. The only desperate thing is that the train isn’t as slow as a snail when you need it to be. If you need the train because you’re cold or hungry, it will go as fast as a blink of an eye. It’s gone and you’ll have to wait another week.

There are other people in there but all you can hear are whispers, and the worst thing is you can not see them at all. The people in there call the tunnel “The Never-ending Tunnel” and the train “The Death Train” because it’s very rare to catch up to the train and you waste all your energy by chasing the train that you’ll never get your hands on. So trust me when I say, don’t go through the Never-ending Tunnel!!!

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